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Enrich your world through Acting Classes, Drama Camps and Theatre Perfomances!

We are an educational and performance based Theatre School and Company, in Calgary, providing quality education and innovative performances. We offer:

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Winter Drama Classes in Calgary for ages 7-11

This winter it’s all about the laughter, believing in yourself, and the Magical World of Folktales. We offer the tools to write the chapter of new beginnings as active participants express themselves with confidence through fun Drama/Theatre Arts Classes.


 Winter Physical Theatre Classes for Adults in Calgary

Give yourself the gift of broadening your performance horizons through the Physical Theatre Arts!


Winter Acting Classes in Calgary for Youth and Teens ages 12-17

This winter it’s all about the Slapstick Comedy, believing in yourself, and the Magical World of William Shakespeare. Join us this season for exciting new learning experiences that incite laughter and an eagerness to grow. "Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face."- Victor Hugo

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Corporate Team Building Workshops

Corporate Team building workshops that will inspire individuals to communicate, cooperate and develop their creativity. Playful, smart and effective team building activities will invigorate a deeper connection with your peers.


HomeSchool Winter Drama Classes in Calgary for Kids ages 7-17

We’re proud to present our fun line up of Curriculum integrated Drama Classes. These classes are connected to the Alberta Education Language Arts and Drama curriculum, and include studies in: storytelling, team building, presentation, problem solving, creativity, vocal and body training, and public speaking skills. Join us, meet new friends and have fun while improving physical, emotional and verbal literacy! 


Theatre Arts Residencies for Schools

Offering Schools, Curriculum aligned - hands-on, inquiry-based learning through Drama and the Theatre Arts, where students of all ages find success in and around Calgary. We also facilitate Drama clinician and Professional Development Workshops.