Acting classes for Adults

Spring Physical Theatre Acting Workshops in Calgary for Adults

IMAGINE your world enriched by; EXPLORING uniqueness, spontaneity and creativity through Acting classes in Calgary; developing vocal and physical presence to EXPRESS with more confidence; PLAYING your world with an engaging presence; venturing out in new directions for either on or offstage. Join us for acting classes to reconnect, rediscover and reflect.

What is Physical Theatre?
Modern physical theatre has grown from a variety of origins and is steeped in ancient traditions of both Eastern and Western cultures. It is a style of Theatre performance where a story is expressed primarily through the use of the body, but also contains the integration of the vocal, mental and emotional resources of the performer. Physical Theatre can include a wide variety of styles, approaches and aesthetics that can include dance-theatre, movement theatre, clown, Bouffon, puppetry, mime, mask, Commedia dell ’Arte, vaudeville, and circus.

Spring is the time of growth and renewal and can be symbolic of starting new projects, sewing new seeds and coming forth with new ideas. As we step in to spring time, embrace the warm fresh air and give ourselves a fresh clean slate, take this spring season as a chance to register and participate in new beginnings.

Where something ends, there is a new beginning. Theatre A Go-Go offers the tools to write the chapter of new beginnings as active participants express themselves with confidence, through fun Physical Theatre Acting Workshops. Register and provide yourself with the setting for renewal.

Fling into spring with Acting Classes; where the Early Birds get the discount!

Early Bird discount ends on March 22, 2019 @ 6:00pm.

Save $30 by registering today and give yourself the gift of expression through Acting and Theatre Arts Classes!


WHO: Calling all Adult Fools and those who love them (Some performance experience preferred)

WHAT: COMMEDIA DELL’ ARTE - This 7 week program is designed for the actor who wants to expand their physical performance horizons or for the Teacher who wants to teach a unit for ages 13-18. These workshops will offer insight for approaches into physical comedy. The Commedia dell’Arte was born out of a response to the political and economic crisis of the 16th Century in Italy. Due to its popularity, the Commedia outgrew its Italian roots, and spread to Europe and North America. Today it maintains a presence in modern comedy, which draws upon its lineage. Commedia is a physical style of Theatre characterized by Stereotypical Characters and  is responsible for the advent of Improvised Comedy. These workshops will focus on the passions, schemes and foibles of the 7 main/stock characters of the Commedia. Utilizing the crafted masks of Tanya Lukenoff, players will have the opportunity to experience each character via their walk, their gestures and voice.  Players will choose a character that they’d like to play; one that suits them or offers a challenge. Based on scene suggestions, players will improvise various scenarios.

WHEN: Sundays, 6:00-9:00pm from Apr. 7 –June 2, 2019 (No class Apr. 21 & May 19)

INVESTMENT: Discount = $210/player, if registered by March 22 or for students or members of: Calgary Acts or Regular = $240/player

Investment includes: 7 classes x 3 hours/class = 21 hours.

Payment: Payment information located on registration form. *Please note that if you pay with Credit Card, you will be charged an extra $10 service fee, per registration.*

WHERE: Lower level of the Parkdale Community Centre in the Morpheus Rehearsal studios (3512 - 5 Ave. N.W.)

 WHY: Join us in a series of workshops that will explore the roots of Slapstick Comedy and a physical means of theatrical expression, through the Commedia dell’Arte.

Early Bird discount ends on March 22, 2019 @ 6pm, save $30 by registering today!


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Acting Classes for Adults in Calgary

Commedia dell' Arte - a physical style of improvised theatre with masked Characters.