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Friday Afternoon Puppet Theatre Classes in Calgary

New Friday Afternoon Drama Classes in Calgary Do you have loved ones, ages 6-11 who have early dismissal on Fridays? Theatre A Go-Go has the Puppet Theatre Classes to tickle their funny bone. In a series of fun-filled drama classes, players will expand their vocal and body expressive skills, create their own Puppets, and explore…
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Early Bird discount for Summer Drama Camp ends this Monday July 24, 2017

Early Bird discount for August 21-25 Drama Camp ends this Monday July 24. Save $30 by registering today! Also register for two Summer Camps by July 24, and you will receive a further $30/player off each Camp. Register here For more information on Summer Drama Camps go to: WHY: Investing in your loved ones,…
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Performing Arts Performance tomorrow at Parkdale Community Centre

Join the Summer Theatre A Go-Go players for a special Celebration of learning and see how we PLAY!! This is an opportunity for ages 7-13 to share their Performing Arts skills developed over our 1 week Drama Program.  WHAT: ADVENTURES IN SHERWOOD FOREST adapted by Tanya Lukenoff and based on the Legends of Robin Hood  WHEN:…
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Summer Drama Camps in Calgary for ages 7-14

Summer is the time of finest blossoming. It can be symbolic of the vitality inherent within every heart. As we step in to this period of fruition and fulfillment, take this season as a chance to register your loved one(s) in Summer Drama Camps and delight in their flourishing. “Summertime is always the best of…
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Spring Break Drama Camp in Calgary for ages 7-13

And Spring arose on the garden fair, Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere; And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast rose from the dreams of its wintry rest. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley Spring is the time of growth and renewal and can be symbolic of starting new projects, sewing new seeds and…
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Give the gift of Community this season

Give the gift of Community with Winter Drama/Theatre Arts Classes in Calgary! “Community” means you’re a part of something. You belong somewhere. Webster's Dictionary defines Community as - "Society at large". Your life is an artwork in progress. Your lives, and all aspects of it, are a part of your community. Therefore, who you are,…
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Upcoming Theatre School Performance on Dec. 11 or 12

Inspiring imagination and expression through Theatre and Performing Arts! Join the Autumn Theatre A Go-Go players for a special Celebration of learning and see how we PLAY!! This is an opportunity for ages 9-14 to share their Performing Arts skills developed over our 8 week Drama/Theatre Arts program. We have been expanding our awareness and knowledge…
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