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Spring Break Drama Camp Performance

Inspiring imagination and expression through Theatre and Performing Arts!  Join the Spring Break Theatre A Go-Go players for a special Celebration of learning and see how we PLAY!! This is an opportunity for ages 7-13 to share their Performing Arts skills developed over the week long Camp. We have been expanding our awareness and knowledge of;…
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Spring Break Drama CAMP-aign in Calgary for kids/Youth ages 7-16

In order to fill the few remaining spots in our Spring Break Drama Camp on April 2-6, Theatre A Go-Go is offering a Spring Fling discount. Register by March 28 for the April 2-6 Camp and with a friend or family member; and both registrations will receive a $50 discount. Contact to register. Fling…
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Spring Break Drama Camps in Calgary for Kids/Youth Ages 7-16

Registration now open for Spring Break Drama Camps in Calgary for Kids/Youth Ages 7-16 This Spring Break at Theatre A Go-Go, it’s all about the new beginnings, believing in yourself, and the Magical Characters of Oz. We offer the tools to write the chapter of new beginnings as active participants express themselves with confidence; through…
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Why incorporate theatre education into a Homeschooling environment?

There are so many results and experience that come from a theatre/Drama education that are intangible and impossible to quantitatively measure. However, the benefits of a theatre education cannot be debated. Theatre integration provides 4 core values for a homeschooling education. Students gain a greater capacity to explore others’ stories, demonstrate stronger interpersonal communication skills,…
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Registration now open for Winter Drama/Acting Classes for ages 7-17

Salutations and all the best for the season from Theatre A Go-Go! As each season sets the stage for the next; nature is very skilled and accepting of the “what is” and using it to unfold the “what can be.” Winter is the season of introversion and contemplation, as it brings many changes to the…
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HomeSchool Feedback Survey

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