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Calgary Drama Camps and Acting Classes for ages 7-17

This Registration Form must be completed by a Parent/Guardian 18 years of age or older.

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All programs are held at Parkdale Community Centre (3512 5 Ave. N.W.)

 Option 1 - Adventures Where the Wild Things Are, ages 7-14 (Monday Aug. 19 – Friday Aug. 23, 2019) Discount= $270/player or Regular = $300/player Option 2 - Jungle Book Adventures, ages 7-14 (Mon. Aug. 26 – Friday Aug. 30, 2019) Discount= $270/player or Regular = $300/player Option 3 - Adventures in the Ice Age, ages 7-13 (Fridays, 1-4pm from Sept.6-Dec. 20,2019) Discount= $320/player or Regular = $350/player Option 4 - Adventures in the Ice Age, ages 7-9 (Sundays, 12:30-2:30pm from Sept.15-Dec. 15,2019) Discount= $265/player or Regular = $295/player Option 5 - Adventures with Cave People, ages 10-14 (Sundays, 2:45-5:45pm from Sept.15-Dec. 15,2019) Discount= $275/player or Regular = $305/player Option 6 - Adventures with Cave People, Homeschoolers ages 9-14 (Mondays, 12-3pm from Sept.16-Dec. 16, 2019) Discount= $270/player or Regular = $300/player Option 7 - Adventures with Cave People, ages 11-14 (Wednesdays, 6-8pm from Sept.25-Dec. 18, 2019) Discount= $265/player or Regular = $295/player Option 8 - Introduction to European Clown, ages 13-17 (Thursdays, Sept.26-Dec. 5,2019) Discount= $270/player or Regular = $300/player

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Pre and post care (Applies to spring & summer camps)
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Must be booked at time of registration and paid by Etransfer at time of registration or cash on the first day of Class.
$10/Player for either pre or post care/day
$9/Player for both pre and post care/day

Pre care

 Monday Aug.19(8-9am) Tuesday Aug. 20(8-9am) Wednesday Aug. 21(8-9am) Thursday Aug. 22(8-9am) Friday Aug. 23(8-9am)

Post care

 Monday Aug.19(4-5pm) Tuesday Aug. 20(4-5pm) Wednesday Aug. 21(4-5pm) Thursday Aug. 22(4-5pm)

Pre care

 Monday Aug. 26(8-9am) Tuesday Aug. 27(8-9am) Wednesday Aug. 28(8-9am) Thursday Aug. 29(8-9am) Friday Aug. 30(8-9am)

Post care

 Monday Aug.26(4-5pm) Tuesday Aug. 27(4-5pm) Wednesday Aug. 28(4-5pm) Thursday Aug. 29(4-5pm)


All information contained in this form will be kept confidential and not released to any other organization.

Behaviour Policy

In order to best serve each participant and the Instructors, should any participant exhibit an inability to follow rules and cause any disruption to the programs, Theatre A Go-Go reserves the right to remove the child from the program, with no refund.

Refund Policy

In order to receive a refund for withdrawal from a program, Theatre A Go-Go (hereafter referred to as T.A.G.G.) must be notified a minimum of ten business days prior to the commencement of program start date. After this, no refunds will be given, unless accompanied with a Dr. note. A $30.00 administration fee will be deducted from refund for withdrawal from program. Classes will not be prorated for participant absences. In the event that a program does not fill its minimum enrollment requirement, T.A.G.G. reserves the right to cancel the program up to the week prior to commencement and a full refund will be returned.

Consent and Liability

I understand and concur that my child is fully capable of participating in programs with T.A.G.G. and that the choice to participate brings with it the assumption of those risks that may be associated with these activities such as: tripping, falling, banging into things and falling off the stage. I agree to hold harmless and hereby waive, release and forever discharge Theatre A Go-Go and the facility utilized, their trustees, officers, directors, employees, independent contractors and volunteers from all financial liability connected with providing facilities for the activities and from all claims for damages, injury or loss of person or property which may be sustained or occur before, during or after participation of my child in the activities on the premises utilized by Theatre A Go-Go. In the event of injury or illness, Theatre A Go-Go has my permission to seek any emergency medical treatment deemed necessary for my child.

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Payment holds your spot in the Class/Camp and is to be submitted with registration. You may either pay with a Credit Card or ETransfer. Please note that if you pay with Credit Card, you will be charged an extra $10 service fee, per registration. Please let us know how you would like to submit payment. *  Credit Card ETransfer
You will receive further direction for payment after submitting this form.

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