Give the gift of Community this season

Give the gift of Community with Winter Drama/Theatre Arts Classes in Calgary!

“Community” means you’re a part of something. You belong somewhere. Webster's Dictionary defines Community as - "Society at large". Your life is an artwork in progress. Your lives, and all aspects of it, are a part of your community. Therefore, who you are, what you do, and how you do it, have great potential and importance to the art of your community.

Theatre captures our essence, our purpose, our world, through hands on experiences that communicate and transcend to all cultures in all languages.  Theatre is community-building where individuals meet new friends and have fun while gaining confidence to express themselves.

Theatre A Go-Go offers the tools for an individual to build their own community as active participants in the entire process; through fun winter Drama/Theatre Arts Classes.

For more info on Winter Classes for age 6-17, go to:

For more info on Winter Classes for Homeschoolers, age 6-17, go to:

As it takes a Community to raise a child, so too does it take a Community to invest in quality Theatre Arts education.

Register by Jan. 2, with a friend or family member, and each registration will receive a $50 discount. Mention “give the gift of community” when registering.

Join us, meet new friends and have fun while improving physical, emotional and verbal literacy! Register today at:

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