Performance today for Adult Scene Study Workshop, join us and see how we play!

Inspiring imagination and expression through Theatre and Performing Arts!

 Join the Adult Autumn Troupe for a special Celebration of learning and see how we PLAY!!

This is an opportunity for adults in the Scene Study Program to share their Performing Arts skills developed over the 7 week program.

We have been expanding our awareness and knowledge of; body and vocal expression; Scene Study techniques; and developing a character in order to share a story with confidence.

 WHAT: SCENE STUDY (Works in progress) - These Workshops have explored various Physical Theatre approaches and foundations for the craft of Acting. Through ensemble building games, Storytelling, script analysis, scene study and Performing Arts techniques learned, players will share their Scene with you.

WHO: Friends, family and anyone who would like to see how we play.

WHEN: Sunday Dec. 2 @ 8:15pm

WHERE: Downstairs in the Morpheus Rehearsal Centre at the Parkdale Community Centre – 3512 5Ave. N.W.

INVESTMENT: Admission is free and donations are gratefully accepted to help build a Production fund; to acquire a lighting and sound system.


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