Join us this Sunday March 17 for a Theatre Performance and see how we PLAY!

Join the Winter Theatre A Go-Go players for a special Celebration of learning and see how we PLAY!!

This is an opportunity for ages 7-12 to share their Performing Arts skills developed over the 9 week program.

We have been expanding our awareness and knowledge of; body and vocal expression; the words and phrases of William Shakespeare; and developing a character in order to share a story a Story with confidence.

WHAT: THE DREAM by P. Gail Whiteford - Imagine a Magical Forest where Sprites and the Poetic words of William Shakespeare rule. Through Storytelling, and Performing Arts techniques learned; players will share an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s popular Comedy, “A Midsummer Nights’ Dream”.

WHO: Friends, family and anyone who would like to see how we play.

WHEN: Sunday Mar. 17 @ 4:00pm

WHERE: Downstairs in the Morpheus Rehearsal Centre at the Parkdale Community Centre – 3512 5Ave. N.W.

INVESTMENT: Admission is free, but donations are gratefully accepted to help build a Production fund; to acquire a lighting and sound system.


Inspiring imagination and expression through Theatre and Performing Arts!

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