What’s a Go-Go this spring at Calgary’s Theatre School

In these times of uncertainty, there is one thing I am certain of and that I miss the opportunity to play through Drama and the Theatre Arts.

Since closing the curtains, I have had the time to reflect on the importance of Drama and the Theatre Arts in developing physical, emotional and verbal literacy. Drama is a hands-on, experiential learning that engages mind, body, voice, senses and emotions in dynamic learning. Theatre arts is a branch of performing arts which focuses on live performances and is a unique, immersive learning experience requiring Players be interactive, explorative and experimental with their skills. Based on these requirements, I have decided to not hold online courses at this time.

I am quite certain and hopeful that the curtain will rise and Act 2 will resume with Summer Drama Camps in August. With the re-launch there will be restrictions on the numbers of Participants allowed for each Camp. Since the August Drama Camps are our most popular Programs, I suggest that if the dates work for you, that you complete a Registration Form to ensure a spot is held for you. I will hold off on receiving payment for the Aug. Camps until there is more certainty and I will keep registrants updated as info becomes available. Further info on Aug. Drama Camps may be found at: https://theatreagogo.ca/index.php/summer-drama-camps-for-kids-calgary/ 

During this brief Intermission, Theatre A Go-Go will be spending this time ensuring that we are well equipped and educated to safely re-open in August and will be following all of the Alberta Health and Government requirements.  

While spring celebrations may look very different this year, the essence of this time of year remains the same: renewal and growth. In light of what’s happening in our world today, may this season surround you with much creative development and the opportunity to build the stage for rejuvenation.

I look forward to August when we can gather together to experience and celebrate the Theatre arts.

In the meantime, I encourage you to imagine, explore, express and play safe in the face of adversity.

Artistically yours,


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