What’s a Go-Go this winter at Theatre A Go-Go?

Salutations and HAPPY NEW YEAR from Theatre A Go-Go!
May this season, and always, surround you with much good health, creative development and the time to build the stage for rejuvenation.

As this winter in particular has been the season of isolation and contemplation, we have been utilizing our new found time to reflect on our gratitude. Firstly, for being able to safely meet this past summer face to face, and engage mind, body, voice, senses and emotions in dynamic learning. Secondly, for the opportunity to have begun our fall Drama/Theatre Arts Classes in person until the Community Centre shut down in November. With much creativity and learning for all, we then successfully transferred our learning to an online platform and had fun fulfilling all of the outcomes for a Drama program. Though we did not have the opportunity to celebrate our Learning through live Theatre Arts, we boldly embraced all the challenges that an online platform presents when delivering a Theatre Production online.

At Theatre A Go-Go, we cultivate and nurture that personal connection through face to face contact to develop friendships and improve knowledge through communicating and sharing.

Based on the value we place on Theatrical integrity and social relationships, we have decided to take a brief Intermission with our Drama/Acting classes until we are able to safely meet in person once again.
We are optimistic and hopeful to commence with ACT 3 and our in-person programs this coming spring. We are excited to once again, provide the setting for renewal where your loved one/s can meet new friends and have fun while gaining confidence in physical, emotional and verbal literacy.

In the meantime, I encourage you to imagine, explore, express and play safe in the face of adversity.
Take care of yourselves and each other.
Artistically yours,

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