Corporate Team Building Workshops

Corporate Team Building Workshops in Calgary

Creative Corporate Communication workshops

Corporate Team building workshops that will inspire individuals to communicate, cooperate and develop their creativity. Playful, smart and effective team building activities will invigorate a deeper connection with your peers.

In today’s world of instant communication, collaboration is essential in order to be more effective. Science provides data to show that playful ways of work lead to more creative, adaptable and innovative individual workers and teams. Our theatre based team building workshops incorporate this play concept. Creativity is born in playful states having measurable benefits in one’s immediate environment.

Our theatre educated instructors provide team building workshops that will integrate theatrical tools to stimulate creativity, awaken leadership skills and responsibility, which in turn will benefit individual employee and team collaborations.

All workshops are custom designed to create the synergy needed for your team. Specific issues can be worked into the day as needed by your group. An entire workshop can be developed around one specific activity or many, drawn from collaboration between workshop leaders and team-building organizers and may include exercises for the mind, voice and body.

Accolades from team building workshop with Public Works and Government Services Canada*

"This workshop assisted in reducing stress and promoted team spirit through non-traditional "classroom" experiences."

"My expectations were to learn relaxation techniques and laugh. Thank you for the laughs and enjoyment."

"The games were really great for interaction and I would recommend this to other departments."

"I really enjoyed the day with all the instructors and team building."

Corporate Team Building in Calgary