Drama Clinician Workshops in Schools

Clinician Workshops at Schools in and around Calgary

Theatre A Go-Go runs Clinician Workshops at Schools, in and around Calgary. Below is a selected list of possible Workshops which focus on a range of Physical Theatre Styles to enhance Student’s learning experiences. Programs are custom made and may vary in length and cost, depending on the learning objectives/outcomes.

The Art of Mime

Drama/Language Arts/ESL

All grades

3 to 6 Workshops

The art of silent communication has been around since the first cave people acted out their experiences of the hunt. Mime relates a story, an idea, or a feeling.

This workshop will offer activities to communicate without words beginning with everyday gestures, to how to use face and bodies to express emotions, objects and situations.

With this unit on Mime, Teachers will gain insight into their gifted physical learners. By having the opportunity to use their creativity and expressive bodies, students who are struggling academically often excel in mime class as do those who do not speak English.

Creative Curriculum Connections

Drama/Language Arts/Social Studies/ Science

Elementary and Junior High

6 to 9 Workshops

Imagine a student exploring and celebrating intuition, uniqueness, spontaneity and creativity. By unlocking inner resources a student gains a joyful confidence, and sensitivity to self, others and the world around them. Arts-integrated learning is a powerful enrichment tool supporting the curriculum, and is a great aid for multiple learning styles.

Exploring Drama and Theatre Arts activities will work as a medium to explore other areas of the Alberta Curriculum. Through characterization activities and experiential integration, students will enjoy a unit that is fun and memorable. Students will be able to EXPRESS themselves with more confidence and engage in the PLAY, and authentic inquiry based learning.

The Art of Slapstick Comedy

Drama/Language Arts

Junior and Senior High

12 to 18 Workshops

In the turn of the 20th century vaudeville and slapstick humour are the most popular forms of variety entertainment. Discover the historical physical Comedy that has been part of creating our culture and continues to maintain a presence in modern comedy.

This Workshop explores some of the techniques used: creating Slapstick, inventing a comedy character and learning the secrets of creating comedy scenes, with a focus on attention to safety.

Students will have the opportunity to create a physical routine and understand what makes physical humour such an important tradition in storytelling and communication.

The Art of Commedia Dell ‘Arte

Drama/Language Arts/Social Studies

Senior High

12 to 18 Workshops

Italy in the mid 1500’s presented a form of physical comedy that dominated European Theatre. This improvised Theatre was based on stereotypical characters who wore masks and improvised Scenarios with only a plot outline.

This Workshop will focus on discovering the walks, gestures and voices of 5 of the masked main/stock characters and, with a plot outline, improvise either a solo or partner scenario.

Students will develop an understanding of the historical and modern application of physical comedy and be able to deliver a unit on an introduction to the world of the Commedia dell’ Arte, Stereotypes and Improvisation.

Classical Character Clown

Division III/IV

12 to 18 Workshops

Imagine your clown, your eternal innocent child that has never grown up. It is the part of you that lives in the heart and in the moment.

In a supportive atmosphere, students will explore the clown’s world and discover a unique and personal way of bringing their intuitive clown to life. The Clown lives a life full of play, laughter and self-acceptance. Students will work individually and in groups and through; Slapstick, status play, improvisation, and parody will be encouraged to reconnect, rediscover and reflect on what makes us laugh and why.


Tanya Lukenoff is an internationally trained performer, instructor, writer, director and the Artistic Director of Theatre A Go-Go, a physical Theatre School and Company. She is a seasoned teaching artist who inspires all ages to add imagination and expression to their learning. Tanya has been instructing theatre and performing arts classes for over twenty years and for various organizations such as; The Alberta Fine Arts Council, Theatre Calgary, The University of Calgary, Mount Royal University and The Calgary Down Syndrome Association. Since 1996, Tanya has completed many projects, with schools, integrating Drama and Mask Making into the Alberta Education four core curriculum subjects.