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Theatre A Go-Go Calgary - Our Beliefs


At Theatre A Go-Go we believe in the extraordinary benefits of Drama and Theatre. For indeed “All the world’s a stage” (William Shakespeare), and we are all players on this world stage. Whether we want to become better human beings or explore the magic of creating a character, we are always learning how to act. We guide players to discover who they are, what they can do and who they can be.


Drama is an ancient Greek word meaning 'action’, which is derived from the verb meaning to do or to act. The term Drama has changed its meaning over the decades and has come to mean a skill based art form that is utilized as a learning method for exploring and expressing feelings, behavior, motivation and relationships.


The goal of a drama program is to enhance the students’ physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. It is a multi-sensory mode of learning designed to:

  • Increase use of imagination and develop decision making and problem solving skills
  • Expand awareness of self (mind, body, and voice) and gain confidence with creative self-expression
  • Improve clarity and creativity in communication of verbal and nonverbal ideas
    Deepen understanding of human behavior, motivation, diversity, culture, and history.
  • Aid in development of skills in all other learning as a high degree of thinking, feeling and moving is involved.


The word theatre derives from the Greek word Theatron, or seeing place and it is also an art form. Drama generally takes the form of a story communicated to an audience through dialogue and action. The story is conveyed using the elements of the theatre: acting, costumes, props, scenery, lighting, music, and sound. The enactment of real and imagined events through role-play, play making and performances, enables individuals and groups to explore, shape and represent ideas, feelings and their consequences in symbolic or dramatic form. Theatre broadens perspective that portrays life from different points of view, cultures, and time periods. During preparation time, players are engaged in analyzing text for theme, characters, plot, situation and social background. From this, they experience cooperating and sharing in a unique way. If players have deepened their understanding of character, improved their speaking skills, and gained confidence with movement, it is time to do a play, which relies on teamwork and a community.


Modern physical theatre has grown from a variety of origins and is steeped in ancient traditions of both Eastern and Western cultures. It is a style of Theatre performance where a story is expressed primarily through the use of the body, but also contains the integration of the vocal, mental and emotional resources of the performer. Physical Theatre can include a wide variety of styles, approaches and aesthetics that can include dance-theatre, movement theatre, clown, puppetry, mime, mask, Commedia dell ’Arte, vaudeville, and circus.


Our mission is to inspire individuals to IMAGINE and EXPLORE through drama and the Physical Theatre Arts, enabling all ages to EXPRESS with confidence and PLAY for the community, whether on or offstage.

The Theatre A Go-Go experience aims to nurture an individual’s journey with self-confidence through drama and provide innovative performances by drawing upon classical Physical Theatre styles. We blend the old with the new and PLAY for you!

Theatre A Go-Go calgary, inspiring expression through drama and acting classes.