Private or Semi-Private Acting Coach

Private or Semi-Private Acting Coaching in Calgary

WHAT is an Acting Coach?
An experienced Performer and Instructor who trains individuals or small groups and gives them advice and mentoring to enable them to improve their confidence to express themselves, on or offstage. Whether you want to fine-tune your skills as a professional in a public speaking position; or are just starting out in public speaking or acting; preparing for a speech contest or audition; or want to prepare better for roles, Theatre A Go-Go Calgary has the Acting Coach to help you PLAY your world better.

Acting is a group endeavor. It explores relationships, and it requires at least two to do so. Therefore I strongly believe that acting should not be learned solely in a one-on-one environment. Still, there are times when private or semi-private coaching can greatly benefit. In fact it is an essential component of every Actor’s regimen. Even the biggest Actors still coach before their auditions. Training under the watchful eye of a seasoned acting coach can make the difference in getting the callback and booking the job!

WHO: My name is Tanya Lukenoff and I am a performer, instructor, writer, director and the Artistic Director of Theatre A Go-Go. I have performed in Theatre, Film and Television and instructed Theatre and Acting classes for over twenty years. My training has taken me around Europe to learn from masters in Classical European Physical Theatre styles such as:

  • Mask Making and application
  • Clown and Bouffon
  • Melodrama
  • Shakespeare
  • Commedia dell’ Arte.
  • Chekhov
  • Greek Theatre
  • Stanislavski
  • Slapstick Comedy


Out of this diverse training in the styles and techniques of Physical Theatre, I have developed a method that I use and teach called Physicalizing the Dramatic Body. My method teaches a blend of all these methods tuned to student’s specific needs and learning styles, as each individual learns and works differently.


The core goal is to blend old methods with the tools needed to be physically successful today. These Physical Theatre disciplines all work well to capture the essence of a role and bring out powerful physicality. My passion lies with educating individuals in physical literacy and inspiring physical expression through the voice and body. I like to help find what makes you unique and to explore which ways of moving work best for you. My goal is to give you the personal attention, acting techniques and career guidance that you need to achieve your own personal goals.

Much of my private work is with actors either auditioning for or cast in a substantial role for the Stage. We work on preparing all the scenes in which that character appears so that the actor will walk onto the set or into the audition "performance ready."

This work can include:

  • Pre-Audition and Callback Preparation
  • Cold Reading and Auditioning Skills
  • Sticking out to Casting Directors and getting Noticed at Auditions
  • Nuances of Performing and Auditioning for Stage
  • Monologue Preparation
  • Improvisation Techniques and Exercises
  • Tapping and Exploring your Emotional Depths
  • Comedic Timing and Making your Jokes Work
  • Text Analysis and Interpretation
  • Acting Tactics and Objectives
  • Timing, Rhythm, and Control
  • Eliminating Vocal and Physical Habits
  • Expanding your Acting Range with Physical Character Development
  • Work on either a Specific Audition or Role in a project in production
  • Work focused on Specific Blocks the Actor may have in other Classwork or Performance.
  • Speech Preparation

WHERE: Parkdale Community Centre 3512 – 5 Ave. N.W., which is in Central Calgary and is easily accessible or I can come to you.


Private Coaching

1 hour = $50

1 hour ending after 6pm and on weekends = $60

Semi-Private Coaching (2 -6 participants)

1 hour = $30

1 hour ending after 6pm and on weekends = $40

Also many people who are looking to quickly start out or take their career to the next level decide to do an Intensive. A standard Intensive is between 8 and 20 hours divided over several months of sessions.

Discount package available for Private Coaching:

5 hours for $225 (Saves $25)

10 hours for $400(Saves $100)

20 hours for $700 (Saves $300)

Return students receive a $10 per hour discount.

Payment methods

Payment must be made in advance and Bank ETransfers or Cash are accepted.

Tuesdays through Thursdays; generally noon - 8pm. Other times by advance arrangement.

Cancellations: Must be made at least 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the lesson. For no-shows, I must charge the full fee for that session.

I'm just starting out – should I work with a coach?
That depends. Private work with beginning actors focuses on fast-forwarding that actor's artistic and career development and is geared to augment --not replace-- the work done in a group class.

What if I'm enrolled in an acting class already?
Our time in the private sessions focuses on acting issues not covered in class.

What's the time commitment?
I request that beginner students commit to a minimum of five sessions up front, and we take it week by week from there. Some advanced acting students book a session now and then when they've got a project or big audition coming up, or they're rusty and need some support.Private and Semi-Private Acting Coaching Calgary