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Drama Classes in Calgary for ages 7-14
Imagine, explore, express and play

As Theatre A Go-Go rises to meet the challenges brought on by Covid-19, we are asking for our community’s support! Through your donation, you can ensure Calgary maintains this rich Theatre Arts Education which:

  • Enhances individuals physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.
  • Increases use of imagination and developing decision making and problem solving skills
  • Expands awareness of self (mind, body, and voice) and gaining confidence with creative self-expression
  • Improves clarity and creativity in communication of verbal and nonverbal ideas
  • Deepens understanding of human behavior, motivation, diversity, culture, and history.
  • Aids in development of skills in all other learning as a high degree of thinking, feeling and moving is involved.

We are your Theatre School, and we are committed to ensuring that our community continues to thrive no matter what.

By donating to Theatre A Go-Go you will join a group of adventurous, community-minded Theatre enthusiasts committed to keeping quality Theatre Education alive in Calgary!

Thanks to your donation, Theatre A Go-Go can continue to inspire many young people, families, organizations and teachers to IMAGINE - EXPLORE – EXPRESS – PLAY through drama and Theatre Arts. We can also share stories that enlighten, entertain, challenge, and heal the human spirit. For more info please find contact info below.


Folk Tales Celebration of Learning

Sponsor a child that may not otherwise be able to attend a Drama Camp or Class. For more info please find contact info below.


Mask making

Volunteer and be part of our Drama Family! We are a small grass roots Theatre Company and School with no external funding. We are always very appreciative for any special assistance that you can provide. Types of services needed include but are not limited to: Graphic design, Set construction, Costume/prop making, Marketing, Administration, Photography, Videography, etc. For more info please find contact info below.