What players and families say about Theatre A Go-Go Calgary

“I was thoroughly impressed and pleased with this program. Both of my sons tend to be quiet in new environments, so I feel this program went along to boost their self-awareness and overall confidences.” - Parent

“Thanks for the wonderful gift of seeing you teach, learn, perform and give with such incredible generosity of spirit! As I said, I’ve seen many wonderful artists – and many wonderful teachers in my wanderings. But it is a rare, rare gift to see the two merge in one lovely person! I’m certain that our paths will cross again, and until then, know how much I appreciated being able to watch you in magical action! Thank you for your ABSO-TOOT-LEY beautiful spirit!” – C.A.P.E.S. Researcher

“I like the idea of her getting exposure to the study of herself and other people and characters. It is a fun way to develop socially. The program helps add balance to my child’s other activities.” - Parent

“Very organized and more involved than other drama classes she has taken before.” - Parent

“What I enjoyed the most was that they actually had to work, not just be onstage. I would recommend this program because they learn things that they can apply to other areas of their lives.” - Parent

“I think it is an intelligent program, where the kids think and feel. I think that’s why my kid likes it so much.” - Parent

“What I enjoyed the most was the instruction and the opportunities given to the students. Tanya is a wonderful instructor and my child loved the experience. It is an excellent program and my child has learned so much and has enjoyed the experience. In other programs he has been instructed by teenagers who really don’t know what they are doing. Here he receives proper instruction and is challenged.”- Parent

“Tanya’s patience and encouragement she gave the kids is great. I strongly believe drama benefits kids’ confidence, learning and discipline in so many ways.” - Parent

“My overall impression of the programs is that they are very child focused, with the goal of character development as well as self-discovery and confidence, as well as exploring dramatic skills and techniques. My child developed in all of these areas. Thank you!!!” - Parent

“Drama is a great expression of Art, and you are an amazing teacher, Tanya. I believe in creative expression being nurtured. The School system lack in this for kids, and you are the real deal, I can see that. You make it fun, you are a great teacher Tanya, you give an amazing gift to people with what you teach, and I call it creative expression. You are excellent at what you do, teaching and expressing creatively, and having fun. I love what you do and thank God you exist and that I found out about you, and met you. My child learned through play and fun, how to express creatively and with his body. In my opinion, it doesn’t get any better than that. You rock, Tanya!” – Parent

“I like the teacher, the games and how the teacher explains things.” – Player

“It was fun and I look forward to another theatre camp! You were the best teacher.” – Player

“I would recommend the programs because you get to do lots of fun stuff and it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. I learned about being a different character than who I am.”-Player

“I enjoyed the program because you got to learn about your dearfram(diaphragm) and how it’s helpful for acting.” – Player

“I really enjoyed the teacher, other participants. It stretched people’s limits and I enjoyed watching mine bend sideways. As well, I enjoyed watching other peoples’ journeys. It made the trip very fascinating. The teachers had great knowledge to direct us in birthing our grotesque side and making it beautiful.” – Adult player

Thank you Natalie for the wonderful review on Google Plus:
"Theatre A-Go-Go Calgary is a what every parent wants for their child, to be appreciated for who he or she is. The children are seen as wonderfully creative, lovable persons, delighting in discovery. There is evidence of joy in the smiles, laughter and connections with one another that grows a child’s confidence. They are living and internalizing a new way of being and learning together. Watching my daughter grow in courage and engagement was beautiful to witness. As a parent, I would like to invite you to give the gift of helping your child to be their personal best." - Natalie

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